468NO.4A Low noise Ventilation fan

468NO.4A Low noise Ventilation fan
  • 468NO.4A Low noise Ventilation fan
  • 468NO.4A Low noise Ventilation fan
  • 468NO.4A Low noise Ventilation fan
  • 468NO.4A Low noise Ventilation fan

468NO.4A Low noise Ventilation fan,Diameter:400mm, Air flow:3984~7281M3/H, Pressure:1431~2069PA, Power:4KW, Frequency: 50/60HZ——Support customization



468NO.4A Low noise Ventilation fan
4-68 Series Industrial Centrifugal Ventilation Fan
4-68 type centrifugal fan as a general ventilation. Conditions are as follows: 
1.1 Application of places: as a general factories and large buildings in indoor ventilation, both gas can be used as input, output also can be used as gas. 
1.2 Gas transportation categories: air and other non-spontaneous, harmless to the human body, not in the iron and steel materials corrosive gases. 
1.3 Inside the impurities: gas, while a viscous material, contained in the dust and rigid particles is not more than 150 mg / m 3. 
1.4 Gas temperature: not more than 80 degrees Celsius.
2.1 Ventilating
Forced ventilating, Building ventilating, Mine ventilating, Tunnel ventilating, Materials ventilating and drying.
2.2 Cooling and heat dissipation
Forced cooling and heat dissipation, Industrial equipments cooling and heat dissipation.
2.3 Air purification and industrial waste gas treatment, Air filtration system, Flue gas desulfurization, Flue gas denitrification.
2.4 Boiler's air supply and exhaust (Coal-fired boiler, Biomass boiler, Garbage incinerator, CFB boiler, Stokerfeed boiler.).
2.5 Industrial boiler blowing air, Industrial boiler inducing air, Industrial boiler primary air, Industrial boiler secondary air.
2.6 Industrial boiler waste gas desulfurization, Industrial boiler flue gas denitrification.
2.7 Industrial kilns
Inducing air of Cement rotary kiln, Lime rotary kiln, Nickel iron rotary kiln, Clay sand rotary kiln, and other various calcining kilns.
Garbage incinerator blowing air, Garbage incinerator inducing air, Brick kiln inducing air.
Ventilating of cement mill, Coal mill and other large mill system.
2.8 Energy and power: Thermal power plant, Garbage incineration power plant, Biomass fuel power plant, Industrial waste heat recovery device.
2.9 Metal smelting: Blowing air of mineral powder sintering(Sintering machine), Furnace coke production(Furnace coke oven).
2.10 Gas and materials delivery: General air delivery, High-temperature air delivery, Combustible gas delivery, Corrosive gas delivery, Gas mixed with impurity delivery.
Delivery of coal powder, Particle material/ Powder material/ Fragment materials/Fiber materials.
2.11 Other:Pressurization and decompression seal of industrial equipment, Recovery of industrial waste gas, Supply air and drying of food and drug production line.

3.Outline dimensions:  

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