FG Series boiling Boiler ventilation Fan

FG Series boiling Boiler ventilation Fan

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 FG boiling Boiler Fan
1, use of the fan is supporting the design of boiler boiling; boiling boiler fuel is coal gangue, coal, coal, lignite, oil shale. Discharge medium temperature is 20 DEG C, medium density 1.2kg/m3. of the wind turbine is also applicable to other boiler, and discharging air cupola and non corrosive, not spontaneous combustion, gas does not contain viscous substances.
2. The machine number of blower is expressed as 4t / h / h / 6t / h / h / 10t / h / h / 12t / h and 35t / h / h respectively according to the amount of steam produced by boiling boiler per hour.
The engine numbers below 12 t / h in the series of boiling fans are all made into direct connection between impeller and motor, that is, all kinds of machine numbers above 12 t / h of "A" type drive are made into impeller at one end of rolling bearing and directly connected with motor through coupling, that is, "D" type drive.
The fan can be made into right-turn and left-turn. Those rotating clockwise from one end of the motor facing the impeller are called "clockwise" blower, and those rotating counterclockwise are called counterclockwise blower, This is expressed as "inverse". The shape of the forward-rotating blower is given in the installation diagram.
Can be made 0 degrees and other angles to meet different installation needs.
3. The impellers of the fan have 12 backward curved blades, curved front plates and flat rear disks, all of which are welded by steel plates and corrected by static and dynamic balance. Features of ease of installation.

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