Y4-72-11 Series Boiler induced draft fan

Y4-72-11 Series Boiler induced draft fan

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  1, use
1) waste heat of flue gas from medium and small sized fast-loading boilers.
2) the porcelain leads to the afterheat.
3) waste heat of flue gas from boiler retrofit.
2, form
1) the fan can be made into two forms: left rotation and right rotation. From the transmission part, facing the fan, such as impeller rotation clockwise, is called the right rotation, and it is represented by "right". The counter clockwise rotation is called the left rotation, and it is represented by "left".
2) the outlet position of the fan is expressed by the outlet angle of the casing. "left" and "right" can be made into 0 degrees 90 degrees and 180 degrees.
3. Structural characteristics
1) High efficiency, saving electricity. Maximum efficiency can be up to 91.
2) smooth operation, low noise, light engine weight, "hollow wing type" blade is used in the induced fan, and the aerodynamic performance is improved. The impeller has been calibrated by dynamic balance, running smoothly and safely and reliably.
3) the machine is used in conveying waste heat of flue gas below 250 ℃. The air cooled and water cooled bearing box is used for cooling the bearing of the induced fan.
4) the machine adopts high-temperature molybdenum disulfide lubricated bearings, but the bearings are used normally.
4, performance and selection
1) performance is within the maximum efficiency range of 90%. The difference in the flow rate of the fan from factory inspection is not more than ±8% of the design full pressure value.
The performance of the induced fan refers to the value in the standard state. The atmospheric pressure is 101325 Pa. when the atmospheric temperature is 20 ℃, the relative humidity ψ = 50. The air density ρ ~ (1.2 kg / m ~ (3)).
The performance shall be converted according to the relevant formula when the use conditions of the draught fan are changed .

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