G4-68,Y4-68 Series Industrial blower fan

G4-68,Y4-68 Series Industrial blower fan
  • G4-68,Y4-68 Series Industrial blower fan
  • G4-68,Y4-68 Series Industrial blower fan
  • G4-68,Y4-68 Series Industrial blower fan
  • G4-68,Y4-68 Series Industrial blower fan

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 1.The use of fans
The centrifugal induced fans of GXY Y4-68 boiler are series of products which are designed in 1982, which are mainly used in steam boilers with evaporation capacity less than 230 t / h in thermal power plants. Draft air systems. The G4-68 can also be used in mine ventilation and general ventilation when the performance is similar but without special requirements. Both types of fans have the advantages of high efficiency, low noise and high strength.
The medium transported by the fan shall be air and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃. The maximum temperature of the flue gas transported by the induced fan shall not exceed 250 ℃.
Before the fan is induced , the dust removing device with the dust removal efficiency of not less than 85 % must be added to reduce the dust content of the flue gas entering the fan and prolong the service life of the fan .
2.Fan type
Both the ventilator and the induced fan are single inhaled, with seven machine numbers of 8, 10, 11. 2, 12. 5, 14, and 16. Each type of fan can be made into two types, right-handed or left-handed, with a square-faced fan from one end of the motor. All impeller rotating clockwise direction are called right-hand fan, as "right", vice versa is left rotating fan, as "left".
The outlet position of the fan is indicated by the air outlet angle of the casing , and the " right " " left " fan can be made to be 0 degrees , 45 degrees , 90 degrees , 135 degrees , 180 degrees and 225 degrees . When you require special machine numbers or special angles , please contact me .
The drive mode of fan is D type, and the connection of motor and fan adopts the direct coupling of elastic coupling.
3.Fan structure
The fan is mainly made up of impeller, casing, inlet, regulating door and transmission group.
Impeller: made of 12 rear tilted wing blade welded between arc cone wheel cover and flat wheel disk. Fan impeller is generally selected 16Mn. the blade head is solid body with wear-resistant shield lining at the junction of blade and wheel cover. In addition, the wear-resistant material surfacing welding is added in the easily worn part, and the service life of the blade is improved, but the fan is different. The impeller is operated steadily and reliably through static, dynamic balance correction and overbelt operation experiments.
Housing: cochlear body welded from common steel plate. The case of a single suction fan is made into two different forms: the 8-12. 5 housing is an integral structure, and the 1/4 of the 14 and 16 housing is detachable. For the induced fan, Cochlear plate with ash removal door, and appropriate thickening to prevent soot wear.
Intake: convergent streamline integral structure, fixed with bolts to the inlet side of the housing.
Regulating door: used to adjust the flow rate of the fan. 8, 12. 5 is composed of 11 petal-shaped blades, 14 and 16 are composed of 13 petal-shaped blades, which are all axially installed in front of the air inlet. Due to the use of external transmission structure, it is flexible and convenient to rotate. Adjustment range from 90 degrees (completely closed) to 0 degrees (full open). Adjusting door wrench position, from inlet direction, on the right side. For right-hand fan, the lever from bottom to up is completely closed to full open; for left cyclone, In order to make all parts of the adjusting door work normally, pay attention to lubrication. For the regulating door of fan, calcium is usedSodium base grease lubrication; for the fan, due to the higher gas temperature, molybdenum disulfide must be used at 260 ℃) grease lubrication.
Transmission group: the transmission mode is D type. It is composed of spindle, bearing box, coupling and so on. The spindle is made of high quality steel. Rolling bearing and water-cooled integral bearing box are used. Therefore, water consumption varies according to environment. The bearing box is fitted with a thermometer and an oil level indicator.

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