BT35-11 Industrial Explosion-proof Axial fan

BT35-11 Industrial Explosion-proof Axial fan
  • BT35-11 Industrial Explosion-proof Axial fan
  • BT35-11 Industrial Explosion-proof Axial fan
  • BT35-11 Industrial Explosion-proof Axial fan
  • BT35-11 Industrial Explosion-proof Axial fan

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 BT35-11 Industrial Explosion-proof Axial fan
BT35 axial fan is a new product to replace B30K4 fan, BT35 mainly for general factory, warehouse ventilation and other dangerous situations or to enhance heating and cooling purposes, if the case removed, but also for free fan, also Can be installed in the longer exhaust pipe spacing in series to improve the wind pressure in the pipe. BT35-type axial fan is based on similar foreign products, through the model test study to determine the fan blade, using a cylindrical hub structure, while the motor was modified design to reduce the flow loss, so that the fan The efficiency exit increased to 77% according to the circle area, increased to 89.5% according to the exit ring area, the noise was reduced by 3.6dB than the A sound, and the strength at the root of the root was also enhanced to avoid the leaf rupture.
BT35-type explosion-proof axial flow fan is mainly to send gas containing flammable, explosive but non-corrosive, the motor must be explosion-proof motor, switch with explosion-proof switch or away from the explosive point in the explosive area of ​​the wire is not allowed joints.
Through the T35, BT35 fan of the gas should be non-corrosive and significant dust, the temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃.
BFT35 is mainly to send flammable and corrosive gases, but the temperature shall not exceed 60 ℃.
This series of products by the impeller diameter is divided into 13 different types of machine numbers, followed by arranged № 2.8, 3.15,3.55,4,4.5,5,5.6,6.3,7.1,8,9,10,11.2 and so on. Each machine can be installed 15 degrees, 20 degrees, 25 degrees, 30 degrees, 35 degrees and other five kinds of angles.
This series of products are used impeller diameter installed in the motor shaft directly connected structure. In the impeller circumferential speed of not more than 60m / s conditions with the use of three kinds of speed: 2900,1450,960r / min, the face of the inlet to view the impeller counterclockwise rotation, the intake direction at the impeller.
Fan before leaving the factory, have been running tests to ensure smooth operation.
BT35 fan mainly by the impeller, chassis, wind collector and other three parts.
BFT35 fan mainly by the impeller, chassis, wind collectors and other components, they are made of fiberglass. Bracket is made of profiles, connected with the hair dryer.
Impeller Department: The blade and the hub composition, the blades are made of thin steel plate, and the selected installation angle welding on the hub.
Chassis Department: the hairdryer, brackets, are made of sheet steel and profiles, the cylinder is cylindrical, with a certain gap between the impeller. (BT35 fan duct inner riveted aluminum lining, for explosion-proof).
Wind collector Department: from the collector flange, wind collector composition. Wind collector for the arc streamlined, can reduce the loss of air inlet, made of sheet steel.

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