BYG series Industrial Low noise axial fan

BYG series Industrial Low noise axial fan
  • BYG series Industrial Low noise axial fan
  • BYG series Industrial Low noise axial fan
  • BYG series Industrial Low noise axial fan
  • BYG series Industrial Low noise axial fan

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 BYG Type low noise Axial flow Fan
1. BYG type low noise axial fan is the first generation of low noise axial fan developed and produced in this factory. The machine adopts optimized aerodynamics principle design and advanced processing technology. The whole machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, fastening, safety and practicality, high air volume, high wind pressure, low noise, low power consumption, light weight and can realize reverse ventilation in the same installation position. Compared with the conventional axial fan in China, the air volume is increased by 42%, the wind pressure is increased by 30%, and the sound level of noise is reduced by 10 ~ 18 dB). Full pressure efficiency up to 82.3. BYG low noise axial fanUnique in its novel, unique design, excellent performance, advanced level and unique, deeply welcomed by users, and held the 5th China New Technology and New products Fair won the gold medal.

There are 12 types of BYG low noise axial fan according to the impeller diameters, that is, 3.15g / 44.5V / 55.6C / 6 / 6 / 7. 1 / 8 / 9 / 1011.2. The blade number of each machine is 814 pieces, the blade mounting angle is 15 degrees 40 degrees, 6 kinds, can make stepless adjustment.

BYG type low noise axial flow fan conveys no corrosion, no obvious grayscale gas, and the gas temperature is no more than 60 ℃. Because the impeller is made of low magnesium aluminum alloy and has flameproof property, so it is behind the matching flameproof motor. Flammable gas can be transported.

2. Structural characteristics

1) impeller: the blade is the wing blade with variable section space, the wheel shell adopts the windless pair clamping type, the structure is aluminum alloy precision die casting forming, the blade is positioned by the pair clamped wheel shell. The angle of blade installation can be adjusted according to the user's will, or it can be adjusted to make the blade produce reverse flow and realize the need of reverse ventilation.

( 2 ) casing part : the standard structure is horizontal , the air collector can be installed on either side of the fan according to the direction of the air flow , the removal bracket is embedded into the wall as a wall type installation ; and the air collector access pipeline is a pipeline type installation .

Motor: according to different application requirements, adopt two different forms of motor matching. First, standard type: adopt low wind resistance, pole support series motor, power line from steel tube out of the machine. The motor junction box is installed on the outer side of the casing. Second, the buried wall type: adopt the Y series axial flow fan special motor line or ordinary Y series horizontal motor, this kind of motor matching, is most suitable for the fan to bury into the wall. For indoor ventilation or outdoor air supply.
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