S4-72 Series Industrial centrifugal blower fan

S4-72 Series Industrial centrifugal blower fan

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 1, use
S4-72 centrifugal fan can be used as general factories, textile industry and large buildings for indoor ventilation, air and other non-spontaneous combustion, harmless to the human body. Gases that do not corrode steel. No viscous matter is allowed in gases containing dust and rigid particles not greater than 150 mg / m3. The temperature of the gas shall not exceed 80 ℃.
2, form
From one side of the motor, the impeller is rotated clockwise. It is called the right whirlwind machine, which is expressed as "right".
The outlet position of the fan is expressed in terms of the outlet angle of the casing. The outlet position is made into a fixed three: 0 degree 90 degrees 180 degrees which cannot be adjusted and should be noted when ordering.
The drive mode of the fan is E.
3. Structural characteristics
S4-72 fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, inlet and transmission unit.
1) the impeller is composed of 20 wing blade curved front plates and flat plate midplate. The impeller is made of steel plate, and it has good air performance, high efficiency and smooth operation.
2) the housing is divided into two halves along the middle plane and is bolted.
3) the air inlet is made into a whole and installed on both sides of the fan. The section parallel to the axial section is a curve shape, which can make the gas enter the impeller smoothly and the loss is small.
4) the transmission part consists of spindle, bearing box, rolling bearing and belt wheel.

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