4-2×72 Series double inlet centrifugal fan

4-2×72 Series double inlet centrifugal fan

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The 4-2 × 72 centrifugal fan is suitable for ventilation in hotels, venues, theatres, workshops, etc. The medium temperature is not more than 80 ℃.
1. The fan adopts double suction air intake. The engine number is 6EO8E8E10E10E10E12E4E14E1E10E10E1E16E1E10E10E10E10E10E10E10E10E10E1@@
2, the fan can be made into right-handed or left-handed two types. The impeller on the other side of the pulley can be viewed from one side of the pulley. The impeller rotates counterclockwise to the left by left.
3. The outlet position of the fan is expressed by the angle of the outlet of the housing, and there are three kinds of design: 0 degrees, 90 degrees and 180 degrees.
the fan is composed of an impeller , a shell part , an air inlet , a bearing seat , a motor and the like , and has the characteristics of compact structure , convenient installation and convenient maintenance .
1. The impeller is composed of two impellers with different rotating directions. Each impeller has 10 airfoil blades and has an arc front disc, which runs smoothly after dynamic balance correction.
2, the shell, welded by the steel plate shell shaped shell, with bearing support, wind frame.
The air inlet and steel plate are made into conical arc channel.
Bearing seat: double row center spherical bearing, lubricated with calcium sodium grease.

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