TS4-79 Adjustable speed energy-saving centrifugal fan

TS4-79 Adjustable speed energy-saving centrifugal fan
  • TS4-79 Adjustable speed energy-saving centrifugal fan
  • TS4-79 Adjustable speed energy-saving centrifugal fan
  • TS4-79 Adjustable speed energy-saving centrifugal fan
  • TS4-79 Adjustable speed energy-saving centrifugal fan

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  TS4-79 speed regulating energy saving centrifugal fan is a kind of speed adjustable. The series is composed of 4-79 centrifugal fan and YDT multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor with variable speed, and the aerodynamics performance of the prototype fan is excellent. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, adjustable rotational speed, variable air volume and pressure over a wide range, simple structure and reasonable price, so it is especially suitable for industrial and civil buildings. Ventilation is required in high-rise and underground buildings due to changes in production rhythm and living conditions, temperature difference between day and night, different seasons, peacetime and disasters, etc.There is a large and adjustable situation. It can be used in one machine and two uses, greatly reduce the area of the machine room, and save the investment and operation cost.
1, use
This series of fans can be used as general ventilation ventilation and fire smoke ventilator. The type of conveying gas is air and other non-spontaneous combustion, no corrosion to steel materials. Gases that are harmless to the human body. There shall be no viscous substance in the conveying gas, no more dust or rigid particles than 150 mg / m ~ 3. Temperature of the conveying gas: no more than 80 ℃ for a long period of time. A short period (usually about half an hour) of smoke is allowed at 280 ℃.
2, form
This series of fans has designed three speed-ratios (the ratio of low speed to high speed is 750: 1000 or 1: 1.33 respectively). 1000: 1500 or 1: 1.5 and 500: 1000 or 1: 2.
This series of fans has 6 types of 6 machines, such as 6 / 7 / 8 / 10 / 10 / 12 / 14 and so on. Each model is made into two types of right rotation and left rotation, facing up to one end of the motor or spindle drive belt wheel. The impeller rotates clockwise, called the right-hand fan, and is expressed as "right". The impeller is rotated counterclockwise, called left cyclone machine, which is expressed as "left". The outlet position of the fan is expressed by the angle of the shell air outlet. The outlet position of the fan is 90 degrees out of the factory. However, the user can adjust freely in the range of 0 degrees to 225 degrees at intervals of 45 degrees.Degree and 180 degrees three fixed positions, after the factory is inconvenient to adjust, so order should be noted.
Drive mode of fan: type A direct drive, motor type B35 with flange cover, base with bottom foot, type C belt drive, type E transmission. All the motors are B 3 with base foot and no flange on the end cover.
3. Structural characteristics
The fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, inlet, outlet, motor and transmission parts. Impeller is six backward arc thin blade, refined by high quality steel plate, after strict dynamic, static balance correction. Air dynamic and good performance, high efficiency, low noise, smooth operation. According to the machine number made of two types: the 6- 12 housing is integral, can not be split; The shell is made into two open types which are divided into two halves along the middle horizontal plane and are connected by bolts. The air inlet is made into a whole, which is mounted on the side of the fan. The section parallel to the axial direction is curved, which can make the gas enter the impeller smoothly. The air flow line is good, the power loss is small. The transmission part is from the main shaftBearing box, rolling bearing, belt and belt wheel.
The YDT series motor which meets the national standard and the technical performance index reaches the advanced level of the same kind of foreign products is selected. The series motor adopts the latest modulation scheme and matches reasonably according to the load characteristics of the variable speed fan. The energy saving effect is remarkable, and has the characteristics of low noise, small vibration, reliable operation, good moisture-proof performance and convenient maintenance. The rated voltage of YDT series motors is 380V and the frequency is 50Hz.
This series of fans belong to the special design of steel damping table, vibration absorber (including shock absorbers) and fan matching factory. The installation room does not need to do another foundation, just need to level the ground, can be solid. Convenient for computer room design and quick installation.
Model description:
TS4-79 7C-11
TS1: indicates that the fan is a speed regulating fan
4: denotes the full pressure factor of the fan at the highest efficiency point multiplied by 10
79: represents the specific speed of the fan at the highest efficiency point
7: indicates that the diameter of the machine number or inlet is 7 x 100 mm
C: indicates that the transmission mode is C belt drive
1: 3 stands for speed ratio 1: 1: 3: 1: 1.33 / 1: 1: 1: 1: 1 / 2)
1: represents the design sequence number

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