5-29 Series High pressure centrifugal fan

5-29 Series High pressure centrifugal fan
  • 5-29 Series High pressure centrifugal fan
  • 5-29 Series High pressure centrifugal fan
  • 5-29 Series High pressure centrifugal fan
  • 5-29 Series High pressure centrifugal fan

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Model 5-29 high pressure centrifugal fan is suitable for the wind transport of cotton wool processing industry. It can also be used to attract air or other non-corrosive, non-self-ignition, non-viscous gas. It can also be used for cupola blast in the smelting industry. But the temperature of the conveying medium is generally no more than 80 ℃, and the dust and hard particles in the medium are no more than 150 mg3.
This type of fan has high efficiency and low energy consumption. It is an ideal product in domestic high-pressure fan at present.
1, this type of fan is a single suction, usually the machine number of 5.5V 6.5V 7.5L 8.5 four machine numbers.
2. This type of fan can be made into two types: right-handed and left-handed. From one side of the motor, the impeller rotating clockwise is called the right-hand fan, which is expressed as "right"; conversely, it is called left whirlwind machine, which is expressed as "left".
3. The outlet position of the fan is expressed in terms of the outlet angle of the casing. "left" and "right" can be made into six angles: 0 degrees 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees, 180 degrees, or 225 degrees.
4. The driving mode of this type of fan is AZC type.

architectural feature:
The C - type transmission fan mainly comprises an impeller , a casing , an air inlet , a transmission part , a bracket and the like , wherein the A - type transmission fan , the fan and the motor are directly connected .
Impeller-from 12 backward, conical, single circular arc equal thickness blade, tapered front plate and flat shape back plate welded, the rear disc and shaft plate are riveted, the impeller is manufactured by static, dynamic balance correction and overspeed operation test. Good air performance, high efficiency, smooth operation, safe and reliable.
Inlet-integral welding structure, parallel to the axial section of the front cone after the curve, can make less gas loss smoothly into the impeller, with bolts fixed on the inlet side of the fan.
Housing-a cochlea shaped whole welded with a common steel plate.
Transmission part-consists of spindle, bearing box, belt pulley, etc. The spindle is made of high quality carbon steel and is equipped with rolling bearings in the bearing box of gray iron castings to support the impeller and make it run safely.
Support-made of common angle steel to support fans and connect to the foundation.

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