Y9-19,Y9-26 Series Industrial bolier high pressure supply fan

Y9-19,Y9-26 Series Industrial bolier high pressure supply fan

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 First, it is summarized that there are many series of boilers at present, the coal quality varies greatly, and after the installation of dust removal equipment and waste heat utilization equipment, the pumping capacity is insufficient and the normal operation is affected. In order to overcome the insufficient pumping force caused by the above reasons and the positive pressure in the furnace, which affects the combustion and normal operation of the boiler, the air volume of the boiler is designed and manufactured. Air pressure and boiler matching high efficiency of each type of boiler fan to provide user selection applications.
Second, the form fan can be made into two forms, right and left, and the impeller rotating clockwise is called right fan, which is expressed as "right". On the contrary, it is called left whirlwind machine, which is expressed as "left".
The outlet position of the fan is expressed in terms of the outlet angle of the housing. The left and right turns can be made into 0 °or 90 °F 180.
If necessary, it can be made into left and right 45 °/ 135 °/ 225 °/ 270 °exit directions. When ordering, the customer should indicate not only the "left" and "right" direction of rotation, but also the outlet angle.
The drive mode of the fan is C type, and the main shaft speed of the fan is changed, and the performance of the fan is convenient.
Three, the structural features of the fan are mainly composed of the impeller, the casing, the regulating door, the transmission part and the air inlet.
Impeller consists of several blades, curved front disc and straight back disc, all of which are made of steel plate. Impeller
After the overspeed test and static and dynamic balance test , the aerodynamic performance is good , the efficiency is high , the noise is low , and the operation is stable .
Spiral casing body adopts welded steel plate.
The regulating door is a device used to adjust the air volume of the fan so that the air volume and pressure can be adjusted to the boiler
The best condition of a row.
The transmission part is composed of spindle, rolling bearing, bearing box and belt disc. The main shaft is refined with high quality steel
Bearing is rolling bearing. There is enough volume in the bearing box to place cooling oil and oil level indicator to ensure normal operation.
IV. Performance and selection
The performance of the induced fan is expressed in terms of the flow rate, total pressure, spindle speed, internal power and internal efficiency of the fan. The calculation of air medium at atmospheric pressure (Pa) 101325paand the density ρ ~ (74) kg / m ~ (3) of flue gas.
If the operating conditions of the induced fan are not in accordance with the above mentioned, the performance shall be converted according to the relevant formula.
When the motor is selected, its power is generally not lower than the value of the required power.
Selection of Fan
Because of the matching design with the boiler, the fan used on the boiler can only be selected according to the performance table, and the data in the performance table can be selected according to the size of the flue gas and the resistance of the boiler when the pressure of the boiler is changed after the retrofit.
In other uses, can be converted according to the above formula after the selection.
In order to adjust the performance of the induced fan at any time according to the change of the boiler load, the induced fan is usually installed in front of the inlet of the air inlet (or the adjustment door attached to the boiler body) to achieve the ideal application effect.
In other uses can also be used to adjust its air volume, wind pressure at any time.
Fifth, installation, commissioning and operation of the fan
Before installation, the materials and tools needed for installation must be prepared, and all parts of the fan shall be inspected. The impeller, spindle and bearing should be carefully examined. If damage is found, it should be repaired, and then kerosene should be used to clean the bearing box.
The following points must be noted during the installation process:
1) on some joints, grease or oil should be applied to prevent rust and reduce disassembly difficulties.
2) in the upper face of the bolt, if there is a pin should be put on the pin, and then tighten the bolt.
3) check the casing and other housing interior, should not fall into and left behind tools or debris.
(I) installation requirements
1) install according to the position and size shown in the drawing, especially to ensure the clearance size between the inlet and the impeller for high efficiency.
2) when installing the adjusting door, be careful not to install the reverse, to ensure that the inlet direction is the same as the rotating direction of the impeller.
3) after the fan is installed, pull the rotor to check if it is too tight or scrape with the fixed part.
4) when installing blower inlet and outlet piping, the weight should not be added to the housing.
5) after all installation, pass the general inspection before trial operation.
( II ) Commissioning of fan
1) Fan commissioning should take place without load (closing inlet gate or regulating door).
2) if in good working condition, turn to full load (specified full pressure and flow).
3) full load operation, not less than 2 hours for new installation fan, not less than half an hour for repaired fan.
(III) Operation of fans
1) when the fan starts, the following preparations shall be made:
Close the adjustment door .
Check the clearance dimensions of each part of the fan, rotating part and fixed part of the scrape phenomenon.
Check that the oil level of the bearing is between the highest and the lowest.
Check whether the rotating direction of the impeller is consistent with the sign, whether the connection and instrument are normal, whether there are leakage, leakage, oil leakage and odour, abnormal noise, earthquake, loosening and other abnormal phenomena, if any should be excluded.
2) after the fan is started, the adjusting door is gradually opened to the normal working condition. During the operation, the temperature rise of the bearing must not exceed 40 ℃ of the surrounding environment, and the RMS vibration velocity of the bearing part shall not be greater than 6.3 mm / s.
3) Emergency parking is required in the following cases:
(1) it is found that the fan has severe noise;
(2) the temperature of bearing rises sharply;
Strong vibration and impact of fan.
VI. Fan maintenance
Fan maintenance system
1) the fan must be specially used and maintained.
2) the fan is not allowed to run with disease.
3) remove dust from fan, especially impurity on impeller, to prevent corrosion and imbalance.
4) Fan maintenance must stress the first stop power off.
Matters needing attention in normal Operation of Fan
1) if it is found that the flow rate is too large, or in a short period of time, the adjustment door can be used to adjust the flow rate.
2) the sensitivity of thermometers and oils should be checked regularly.
3) in addition to the replacement of lubricating oil after each repair, normally 3 ~ June to replace the lubricating oil.
Main faults and causes of Fan
1) severe vibration of the bearing box
Friction between housing or inlet and impeller.
The stiffness of the foundation is not firm.
3 impeller rivet loosening or impeller deformation.
4 housing and support, bearing box and support, bearing box and seat connection bolt loosening.
Bad installation of blower inlet and outlet pipe.
6 rotor unbalance.
Blade wear of induced fan.
2) the temperature rise of bearing is too high.
The bearing box vibrates violently.
Poor quality grease, spoilage or filling, containing dust, sand, dirt and other impurities.
Bearing box cover, seat connection bolt tight force is too big or too small.
4 axis and rolling bearing installation askew, the front and rear bearings are not concentric.
Rolling bearing damage.
3) the electric current is too high and the temperature rise is too high.
The intake pipe gate or throttle valve is not closed when driving.
2 the flow exceeds the specified value.
The gas transported by the fan contains viscous substance or too low temperature, and the gas density is too high.
The motor input voltage is too low or the power supply is single phase off.
The coupling of the coupling is not correct, the leather ring is too tight or the gap is not uniform.
Affected by the vibration of bearing box.
It is best to contact the manufacturer when installing and repairing

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