Y5-42 Series Industrial Centrifugal fan

Y5-42 Series Industrial Centrifugal fan

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  1. Y5-42 centrifugal fan is used in electric furnace, converter steelmaking and iron-making bag dust collector to exhaust smoke, the flue gas temperature can reach 140 ~ 200 ℃, the dust content of flue gas is not more than 150 mg / m ~ 3.It can also be used to draw air from industrial boiler and power station boiler, Mine ventilation can also be used without special requirements.
2. the fan has two forms of single suction and double suction, and its transmission form also has two forms of D type suspended wall support and F type double support. Each machine number can be rotated clockwise (right) or counterclockwise (left); The air outlet can be made into 0 degrees 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees, 180 degrees, 225 degrees, 270 degrees, 315 degrees, or other angles as required by the users.
Y5-42 centrifugal fans are large fans, all in the case of disintegration delivery, assembly in the site.
3. The structure features the air should be made up of the housing, impeller, air inlet and transmission group. Other adjusting devices, such as speed regulating motor or hydraulic coupler, can be adopted. The air inlet adjusting door may not be installed, which not only ensures the need of the operating conditions, Also obviously save electricity and materials, more convenient to implement the integration of fans, motors, instrumentation and instrumentation. If the user needs to adjust the door, you will also match.
1) the impeller is welded between the wheel cap and the wheel disk by 9 pieces of rear curved blade, which has high efficiency (η > 85m, low noise). The impeller is corrected by static and dynamic balance and runs smoothly. The hub is welded with axle sleeve and stiffening plate, which has high strength and light weight, The whole impeller is made of Q345C16Mn. the strength and life of the impeller are guaranteed to be of high level.
2) the shell is welded by common steel plate. For the convenience of assembly, maintenance and transportation, it is made into two or three openings according to the machine number, and there are ash removal doors at the horizontal center. To ensure rigidity, there are several door support rods welded.
3) the single suction fan in the inlet is a conical arc integral structure, and the double suction fan is an intake box and an eccentric air inlet, which is spliced into several parts for easy installation.
4) the transmission group is composed of spindle, bearing, bearing seat, coupling and so on. It can be equipped with integral support and all transmission parts according to the needs of the user, if there are hydraulic couplings, With the motor are installed on the overall support. Bearing for water-cooled type.

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