Y5-47 II type Industrial High efficiency low noise centrifugal fan

Y5-47 II type Industrial High efficiency low noise centrifugal fan
  • Y5-47 II type Industrial High efficiency low noise centrifugal fan
  • Y5-47 II type Industrial High efficiency low noise centrifugal fan
  • Y5-47 II type Industrial High efficiency low noise centrifugal fan
  • Y5-47 II type Industrial High efficiency low noise centrifugal fan

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  1. The Y5-47 Ⅱ type boiler inducer is suitable for industrial boilers with various coal quality or dust removal device of 0.2 ~ 20 t / h, which can be used if the air intake condition is the same and the performance is suitable, but the maximum temperature shall not exceed 250 ℃.
2, form and characteristics
1) the draft fan is made into single suction, and the number of the machine is 3.15, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.4, 11. 4, 12. 4. 11.
2) the induced fan can be made into two forms: left rotation or right rotation. The fan is faced squarely from one end of the transmission group, for example, the impeller rotating clockwise is called right rotation, expressed as "right", counterclockwise rotation is called left rotation, and it is expressed as "left".
3) the air outlet position of the fan is expressed by the air outlet angle of the housing. "left" and "right" can be made into three angles: 0 degrees 90 degrees and 180 degrees.
4) the drive mode of fan is C type D type, the connection of motor and fan adopts the direct transmission of belt wheel and elastic coupling respectively.
2) characteristics
The Y5-47 Ⅱ fan is an improved product based on the original Y5-47 model. The optimum operating point of the fan is 85.6 in internal pressure efficiency and 12.5 dB in the noise index (A sound level).
Comparing Y5-47 Ⅱ fan with original Y5-47 fan, because of a series of improvements, the noise value has been significantly reduced. In order to better meet the requirements of boiler matching, a new addition of 3.15C (with 0.2t / h 0.2t / h) boiler 4D (with 0.7t / h / h boiler / 5D) (with 2t / h / h boiler / 6D) (4t / h / h / 6t / h boiler / 10D / 10t / h boiler / 10t / h boiler) has been added.
At present, there are many types of industrial series, the quality of burning coal is not good or bad, the resistance of dust collector and installation pipe is different, and the air volume and pressure of induced fan are quite different, in order to adapt to the above situation, Considering the economy and smooth operation of the fan, The fan adopts two kinds of drive modes of D type and C type (that is, joint unit and V-belt transmission), of which 0.720 t / h boiler all match with D-type drive induced fan. For V-belt transmission unit, it can change the main unit according to the actual situation. To get an ideal air flow rate, Wind pressure
3. The fan is composed of impeller, casing, inlet, transmission group and adjusting door.
1) the impeller has 12 tilted plate blades of Q34551Mn), welded between the arc cone cap and the plate wheel, and adjusted by dynamic balance. Therefore, the impeller runs smoothly, has high strength and wear resistance, and has a long service life.
2) the shell is welded with steel plate to form a fly-shaped shell. Turn "left" and "right" from above 8 to general purpose.
3) the main shaft of the transmission group is made of high quality steel and is made of ball bearing (3. 15 / 7) with low noise bearing, two parallel bearing seats, self-cooling with calcium sodium base grease and wind blade of no. 2, and simple structure
4) the inlet is a convergent and divergent inlet, which is made into an integral structure and is bolted to the inlet side of the housing.
All series of fans of 5CU Y5-47 are equipped with regulating doors to regulate the flow of the fans. The fans below 6 adopt three blades, the shutter structure is simple, the flexible structure is simple, and the fan over 7 adopts 11 blade plum shape structure, which has high regulating efficiency. The adjusting door is installed in front of the inlet in the axial direction. The adjusting range is from 90 degrees (completely closed) to 0 degree (full open). From the direction of the inlet, for the right rotating fan, the counterclockwise turn is completely closed to the full opening. For the left rotating fan, the clockwise turn of the wrench is completely closed to full open.
In order to adjust the door of each part of the work, must be well lubricated, because of fan gas high temperature grease, high temperature (260 DEG C) Penghu slide grease can still ensure lubrication in high temperature operation.

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