Y5-48 Type Boiler use Centrifugal supply fan

Y5-48 Type Boiler use Centrifugal supply fan
  • Y5-48 Type Boiler use Centrifugal supply fan
  • Y5-48 Type Boiler use Centrifugal supply fan
  • Y5-48 Type Boiler use Centrifugal supply fan
  • Y5-48 Type Boiler use Centrifugal supply fan

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The centrifugal induced fan of Y5-48 boiler is designed for 1 ton / h -20 t / h industrial boiler with various coal quality and smoke and dust removal device. The same inlet condition and similar performance can be selected, but the maximum temperature shall not exceed 250 ℃, In order to reduce the dust content in the flue gas and improve the life of the fan, the dust removal device with dust removal efficiency of not less than 85% must be installed before the induced fan.
1. The draft fan is made into single suction, and the number of the machine has 6. 5%, 6. 3, 810, 10, 12. 5 and 12. 5 kinds.
2. The induced fan can be made into two kinds: left spin and right spin. If the impeller rotates clockwise, it is called right wind fan. On the contrary, it is called left whirlwind machine.
3. The outlet position of the fan is expressed by the outlet angle of the casing. "left" and "right" can be made into six kinds of angles: 0 degrees 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees, 180 degrees and 225 degrees.
At present, there are many series of industrial boilers, the quality of burning coal is not good or bad, the resistance of dust collector used is different, the air volume and pressure difference of the required air is great. In order to adapt to the above situation, considering the economy of fan, All adopt triangle belt type C) drive, so that not only can one machine number adopt different rotational speed to meet the requirements of all kinds of dust remover in the same tonnage boiler, but also reduce the fan series and machine number, and also facilitate the use of units according to the actual situation. Select different speeds to get the required air volume and pressure.
The fan is composed of impeller, casing, inlet, regulating door, transmission group, etc.
Impeller : There are 12 pieces of back - tilting plate blade , 16Mn of material , welded to the middle of arc - conical wheel cover and plate - shaped wheel disc , corrected by static and dynamic balance , stable operation and high strength .
Shell: cochlear shell is welded with steel plate. "left" and "right" turn to general purpose above 8%. Ash cleaning door is also opened on cochlea plate, which is convenient to remove ash deposit on blade and shell, and ensure the balance and aerodynamic performance of impeller.
Intake: a convergent streamline structure, fixed with bolts on the inlet side of the housing.
Adjusting door: the adjusting door is petal-shaped, 4-6.3 is 9 pieces, 11 pieces are above 8 pieces, axial installation in front of the air inlet, because of the use of external transmission structure, Flexible and convenient transmission. The adjustment range is from 0 degrees (all open) to 90 degrees (all closed). The position of the adjusting door is seen from the inlet direction to the right side. For the "right" cyclone, the lifting handle is completely closed to the full open direction from the bottom to the top; for the "left" cyclone, In order to make the adjustment door work normally, it must be lubricated very well. The grease adopts molybdenum disulfide high temperature 260 ℃) grease, the fan can still ensure moistening when running at high temperature.Slip action.
Transmission group: it is composed of spindle, bearing box, belt pulley, etc. The spindle is made of high quality steel and adopts rolling bearing water cooled integral bearing box. Therefore, the water consumption of additional water transmission pipes must vary with the temperature of the environment. The bearing box is equipped with a thermometer and an oil level indicator, the wind lubricating oil uses 30# oil, and the oil quantity is carried out according to the oil level mark.

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