Y6-30 Seres Industrial Boiler Induced draft blower fan

Y6-30 Seres Industrial Boiler Induced draft blower fan

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At present, there are many series of boilers, and the coal quality varies greatly. After installing the dust removal equipment and the waste heat utilization equipment, the pumping capacity is insufficient and the normal operation is affected. In order to overcome the insufficiency of the pumping force caused by the above-mentioned reasons of the boiler, The positive pressure in the furnace affects the combustion and normal operation of the boiler. Therefore, a high efficient type of boiler induced fan with matching air volume, air pressure and boiler is designed and manufactured, which can be used by the user as one of them.
2.Type of fan
1. The fan can be made into two types: left spin and right spin. From one end of the motor, the impeller is faced squarely. Those who rotate clockwise are described as "right". On the contrary, they are called left cyclone, which is expressed as "left".
2. The outlet position of the fan is expressed in terms of the outlet angle of the machine, and the right left spin direction can be made into the outlet directions of 0 degrees 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees, 180 degrees and 225 degrees. When ordering, the user should note not only the "left and right" rotation direction, but also the outlet angle.
3. The drive mode of fan is C type and D type.
3.Fan structure
Fan is mainly made up of impeller, casing, adjusting door, transmission and air inlet.
1. The impeller is composed of several blades, curved front disc and straight back disc, all of which are made of steel plate. The impeller has good aerodynamic performance, high efficiency, low noise and stable operation.
2. The cochlea is welded by steel plate.
3. The general fan is equipped with the regulating valve, which is used to adjust the air volume of the fan, so that the air volume and pressure can be adjusted to the best condition of the boiler.
4. The drive consists of spindle, bearing box, coupling or belt disc. The spindle is refined from high quality steel and the bearing is rolling bearing. There is enough volume in the bearing box to place cooling oil and oil level indicator to ensure normal operation.

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