CZL-11 series Industrial Long axis axial fan

CZL-11 series Industrial Long axis axial fan

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 CZL-11 long Axial flow Fan
1, the use of CZL type long axis axial fan is suitable for conveying air and all kinds of harmful flammable gases. It can be used as a part of the pipeline connected to the pipeline. It can be used for ventilation in laboratories, ventilation and piping in factories or buildings.
2. Structural characteristics
According to the diameter of the impeller, the fan is divided into 7 machine numbers: 4, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
The blade of the impeller is made of high quality steel plate. The number of blades is 4 pieces and 6 pieces according to the need. The installation angle can be 15 degrees or 25 degrees. Three types of 35 degrees. According to the number of blades and installation angle, different wind pressure can be obtained.
The impeller of the fan is directly connected to the motor through the transmission part. The impeller is installed in the tubing, and the rear side of the elbow is sealed. The transmission group, air tube and motor are all fixed on the support.
The transmission part is composed of spindle, bearing box and coupling.
The outlet direction of the pipe can be made up, down, left and right to change the direction of air flow.
Because the above structure is adopted, the motor is isolated from the conveying medium, so that it can transport humid or other gases that cause motor accidents. Besides, if special requirements are met, the manufacturing materials can be changed, so that it can meet the requirements of explosion-proof and anticorrosion.

The fan is compact in structure, light in body, convenient in operation and maintenance, and widely used in ventilation and air exchange.

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